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GEMS is an engineering and manufacturing company that produces several great flying airplane kits. The GEMS Headquarters and the Manufacturing Facility is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area of the USA.

F-1 and KnifeEdge at Edgewater   video

“Genius that dances on the edge” 

Ordering Products: will be handled with just your email, contact us with a request and we will quote you availability and cost with a PayPal Invoice, you review it, then pay for the items through PayPal’s secure site. You do not need a PayPal account, because credit cards will work too. GEMS will receive your payment and your shipping address for your order, but we will never have your credit card information.

EPP Airplane Kits currently offered for the slope:


KnifeEdge 48″ – sport wing / combat…..$98.00                                                         See link:

SlopeSlayer 48″ – ARC (Almost Ready to Cover) sport wing / combat…..$186.00   See link:


F1 Racer 49″ – pylon racer / sport flying…..$164.00                                                    See link:

F1 Racer 63″ – pylon racer / sport flyer’s dream come true…..$206.00                      See link:


Dragon 48″ – Fun fly slope monster that will turn heads….$88.00


Sally 56″ – Sport flying …$135

SALLY instructions

Wingola III – Sport flying …$75

wingola-3 directions

Pre cut wingola kit

Sizzle_20170617_153804128-4 IMG_20170415_134531819

Sizzle – 30″ Aerobatic sport wing / combat…$88

Kit: foam cores with spars installed, joiners, balsa elevons, corplast fin, Rx cover, pushrods, hardware and stickers.


More information on these Kits will be posted soon.

One Design Racer 60″ – the V-tail spec for racing at the MWSC / sport flying

Me109 60″ – warbird pylon racer / scale glider for sport flying

Slick 56″ – Denny Maize design, sport flying

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  1. Wow!!!
    The new Maniac Wing is the coolest RC thing I have ever flown! Fast, maneuverable and insane all rolled into one! Professor Don dies it again!

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