Waiver of Liability

This Waiver of Liability document can come in real handy when trying to gain access to a slope that is located on private property. In one circumstance we were flying a slope a half dozen times a year out in the country and we didn’t know who owned the property. Amazing, we went flying there for over two years until someone finally came to talk to us. Well, concerned about this day happening I began carrying a version of the following document in my flight bag. In preparation I took the WOL doc to our club meeting to have those who were interested in flying there sign it. As it turned out we were parking on one person’s property and flying on two others properties. Things went well and we are still flying that slope.

Until I get a PDF up-loaded you can copy paste parts of the following:

        Waiver of Liability

 This document hereby releases _______________________(Property Owner) from liability regarding any loss or injury incurred by the Radio Control Glider Pilots listed while flying their planes from his/her property.

 The undersigned RC Glider Pilots will greatly appreciate this flying privilege and will not harm the property in any way. Furthermore, the RC Glider Pilots understand they must maintain their Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership insurance and that they may fly only quiet model airplanes. Finally, the RC Glider Pilots will respect and follow all instructions given by the Property Owners.


RC Glider Pilots:                             Signatures:                           AMA License #    

Sloper, Joe                   _____________________________                  A1234

Desing, David               _____________________________                  45678

Soaring, Sam                _____________________________                  910111

Eineslopenstein, Albert  _____________________________                 213141


Contact information:  

Joe Sloper, Safety Officer                                                                                                 12345 Ridge RD.                                                                                                        Valley View, Ohio44141

Phone: __________________                                                                                  Email: ___________________                                                                                          AMA: www.modelaircraft.org

Date: 03/09/2010


2 thoughts on “Waiver of Liability

  1. Hi this is Craig AMA #186519. My son and family live in Rocky River and we visit from time to time. I’d like to introduce my grandchildren to R/C flying in your area. Is there a contact person I can connect with that can fill me in on activities at Edgewater Park so we would know when to drop by and see what’s happening. My wife and I plan to be visiting late June.
    May the winds be in your favor :)
    Craig, cawissman@hotmail.com
    Pleasanton, CA

    • We are glad to help. This May 3rd thru 6th we are have the North Coast Glider Games. Folks from across the country will be in town to attend and it would be the perfect time for your family to experience slope soaring on the north coast. All the contact info is on the website under Glider Games. When you get here in June, just look at the winds. If the wind is from the North or Northeast, we will be at Edgewater. Northwest will will be at Perry. Southwest at Valley View. All those locations and maps are in the Glider Games folder. Jeff

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