2 thoughts on “Dragon

  1. I am VERY interested in the Dragon and also the Sally but what are the wingspans ?
    How much are kits and postage to Melbourne Australia please as I couldnt find any mention of prices on your website
    Thanks Colin

    • Mr. Colin,

      Thank you for your interest!

      This page has wingspan & cost info:


      If you let know what to quote you, give me your postal code and I can get a quote on shipping cost.

      All wing spares are glued in, trailing edges are glued on and plained, the fuse stringers are installed, all hardware included, ailerons and stabs made.

      Radio gear, servos, adhesives/glue and covering materials to finish the kits are required.

      Please give me any other questions you may have.

      Thank you and best regards,

      Michael Gantner

      P.S. we are making changes to the website to improve it soon.

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