Wingola II’s are finally here!

wingola 4s

A new fun convertible electric mini wing that we pylon race indoors, then change the winglets and fly them outdoors/slope in light lift…


Wingola specs
Wingspan 32”
Allup flying weight 5oz with recommended gear

Recommended gear (included in accessory pack)

2-hd 6.5gr servos
1-10 amp esc
1-10 gram motor hobbyking 1811-2000 kv
2-small control horns
1 2s 850ma lipo battery 49gr
Build instructions are also available to view/download:

wingola II directions

Wingola II Prices:

Please indicate which kit you would like.Shipping will be quoted per your Postal code

  • Wingola Kit just the cores $15 plus shipping with or without tracing on wing
  • Wingola Kit With Laminate $25
  • Wingola kit pre cut out ready to assemble with 1.5 mil laminate $35
  • Accessory, pack 2 servos, motor, ESC, battery, Prop $60
  • Shipping will be quoted per your Postal code

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