Pylon – One Design (MWSC)

MWSC One-Design 60 Racing

One-Design 60 provides a fun and inexpensive format for slope racing. The intent is to keep aircraft performance equalized, inexpensive to build and easy to fly in a variety of wind conditions. If you build a trick plane to outwit the rules, you may end up watching instead of flying, at the CD’s discretion. If you need an interpretation of the rules, call the CD before you build it.

Class Definitions:
Open to any plane, meeting the aircraft specifications below.

Entry Limit:
There is a limit of ONE entrant PER FREQUENCY in this event. See Pre-Registration page for details.

Aircraft Specifications:
Wing Span: 60″ projected span
Area: 360 sq. “
Chord: 7″ root chord, 5″ tip chord.

Planform: Single taper only. i.e. leading edge and trailing edge of each wing half must each be a straight line. No Schuemann, elliptical, Hirth, or other planforms without constant taper. Outer 1″ of each wing tip may be rounded or tapered.

Dihedral: no restriction, provided that dihedral is constant through entire wing panel span (no polyhedral).

Airfoil: Minimum thickness: 9.5%

Allowable sections:
    * SD6060 (nominal 10.37% thick) thinned to no less than 9.5%.
    * S6061, S6062 or S6063; thickened to no less than 9.5%

One thought on “Pylon – One Design (MWSC)

  1. Hi guys looks like you have added a few new kits ,keep it going send me a phone # as I would to talk to you about some things .Good air to ya Erik Eaton

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