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The best flying wing for combat will be light and have a fast recovery after mid-air contact. Next you need an agile and reliable airframe, which utilizes the most durable materials in their most effective configuration, a design that has been tested and proven to outperform the others.KnifeEdgePlanVw

GEMS brings you the KnifeEdge wing, a 48 inch marvel of flight! The plane is light and efficient, sport flying is an absolute joy. It will fly in light lift and thermals well too. Since it flies so well it is also one of the easiest wings to fly. When Dynamic Soaring, this design has a speed limit of around 70 mph. It makes a great DS trainer because of its remarkable durability and penetration.

This wing design has been tested on a half dozen slopes here in Ohio, plus slopes in Colorado (, Indiana, Kansas (, Michigan, Tennessee, and Utah (Soar Utah: One problem though, our test pilots have reported very dry and dusty teeth because they can’t get the smiles off their faces.

KnifeEdge Photo by Don King

KnifeEdge Photo by Don King

KnifeEdge at City View

The Wing Kit will be offered at two different fast build levels:

(I) As the “KnifeEdge Wing“: which will have the GEMS four element box copolymer main spar systems installed, all cut-outs and wire passages made for your standard gear, all required (top grade) hardware, a four piece GEMS joiner system, coroplast wing tips and Rx hatch, and the Z-bends made at the proper length on the push-rods for you.  $98.00

(II) As the “SlopeSlayer Wing” almost ready to cover: this kit has all of the above plus a HD switch/charge jack is included and installed and the push-rods are installed. The standard Hitec servos are included and installed, an 700mAh LiFe battery is included and installed. All that is left to do is join the wing halves, hinge the elevons, covering, and install the control horns and the coroplast wingtips. $186.00

Ordering Products: will be handled with just your email, contact us with a request and we will quote you availability and cost with a PayPal Invoice, you review it, then pay for the items through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, credit cards will work too. We will never have your credit card information.

Shipping Kits: Will be quoted per your Postal Code. 

See many detailed photos below:






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