Sloper S.A.M. – Soaring Achievement Medals 

Our Mission: is to promote and recognize achievement of various skills and tasks of R/C slope flying, while encouraging participation of all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Sloper S.A.M. – link for Program Matrix PDF

SloperSAM Flight log – link: Work Sheet PDF   

The Program: lists the various tasks to be completed for each level of achievement, Bronze, Silver and Gold. It is designed to encourage participation in slope flying and to provide skills, tasks and events that challenge the pilot and thus improve piloting abilities. Ultimately increasing our enjoyment of this great sport! In the spirit of the program, it is recommended and encouraged that tasks be completed in succession, and all tasks are completed for each level before proceeding to the next level.


Safety: is paramount to fun slope flying!  Please be mindful of other pilots, spectators and slope property as you attempt your achievement tasks.  Monitor aircraft, batteries and radios for airworthiness.  Use care if flying solo and be aware that your tasks will not qualify without the appropriate observers. Find a fellow sloper and get involved!!   Slope on!


General Rules:

  1. Complete tasks as listed for current level and record the pertinent information on the Flight Log. Include date, the name of your observer and tasks specifics as required (i.e. flight time, kills, etc).

2. Observers: observing each task are specific to the level. List observer’s name and Medal Level required for the appropriate level.

* Bronze level requires a single observer, any fellow flyer also involved in slope flying. Record the observer’s name, AMA # and club affiliation if available. If a Program Pilot is under the age of sixteen, a non-flying parent or adult can also be a observer, list a contact phone number for verification.

*Silver observers must be a Bronze level or higher rating.

*Gold and Platinum level requires two (2) observers with one being Bronze level or higher and one Silver level or higher.

Observers are required to help promote and encourage participation in the S.S.A.M. Program.


3. Upon completion of an Achievement level, submit the completed Flight Log signed and dated. Make a copy for your records, since your original will be kept on file. With a Ten dollar (money order) donation, you will receive an Achievement Certificate for that designated medal level free. This will support the program and cover the postage. Upload any video as required to www.flyslope.com website.


Task Specific Rules and Guidelines: For Pattern, Duration and Precision Landing, multiple tasks may be achieved on the same day and in the same flight, although it is recommended to do these tasks in separate flights. Any task flight attempted must finish the flight within 50 yards of the pilot and launch point or the tasks flown will not be official. Completion of a task requires a safe and controlled flight. “Landing out” disqualifies any task attempts. Aircraft must be flyable upon completion of designated tasks, with the exception of the Combat tasks. The Diversity task may also be included in any successful flight from other achievement tasks.


a.    During a slope flight, announce to your observer the pattern entry and exit.

  1. Consecutive rolls and loops are to be completed with no hesitation in the maneuver.
  2. Half Pipe maneuver requires four (4) circuits or “eight pumps” with a minimum of one other pilot/plane flying along with the maneuver.
  3. You may perform all of your maneuvers for the current level in one flight.
  4. Pattern will require video confirmation as noted for each level.


a.    Pilot/witness must show stopwatch or acceptable timer upon completion of timed flight and record the time as needed.

  1. Clock may be started and stopped anytime during a flight to record an official time.
  2. Thermal activity may be used for a portion of duration tasks but remember that you must land within 50 yards of the launch point; landing “out” disqualifies the attempt. In the spirit of the program, slope lift should be the primary source of lift used throughout the tasks. A maximum flight ceiling should be approximately 300 feet.

Precision Landing

a.    No shed parts will be permitted for an official flight.

  1. Plane must be “flyable”; no crash landings or “lawn darts”, with the tail of the aircraft lifted off the ground, will be recognized. Inverted landings are acceptable as long as aircraft is immediately flyable.
  2. Use caution when attempting a “Clean Hand Catch” task. Announce your intentions to fellow pilots and observers.
  3. One catch must include a conventional plan form aircraft.


a.    Any slope flying that uses slope lift, either front side, or back side dynamic soaring, is acceptable.

  1. Contest requirement for Gold level must have at least 5 pilots competing to qualify as an official contest.
  2. Platinum level has four elements; Coastal, Inland and 6K ft Alpine Slope and a Dynamic Soaring flight. Coastal Soaring will include the Great Lakes and other very large lakes (i.e. TheGreat Salt Lake), where thermals do not have a great effect on the slope lift.
  3. Dynamic Soaring must include ten (10) orbits with a successful landing and/or recovery of a flyable aircraft.


  1. Engagement for an official task flight in Bronze level must include contact (one “hit”).   No kill or confirmation roll required; engagement must be more than just flying in the vicinity of combat.
    1. Confirmation for a “kill” must include a roll or loop and fly out level to prove control (see: Combat Scoring)


  1. Bronze Racing: encourages participation as a volunteer (flagger, timer or course official).

b.    Silver Racing: wings and planks minimum 4 pilots and 3 rounds with a Man on Man format. Coarse may be set up to be suitable to the slope being flown.

c.    Gold Racing: achievement One Design class racing requires a minimum of 5 pilots and 3 rounds of competition, (see: One Design)

d.    Platinum Racing: 60” Class Warbird Pylon, where the plane must go around and below the top of the near pylon. Requires a minimum of 5 pilots and 3 rounds of competition in a Man on Man format (see Warbird Racing). Platinum also requires F3F Racing on a standard course and the pilot must win or place in a contest.


  1. Videos for each level should be uploaded in Windows Movie Maker or in Flash format. Please edit for brevity. With the availability of modern cell phones, cameras, onboard cameras and software, video confirmations can be an enjoyable part of the SSAM program and will give the pilot a lasting record of achievement. Use parts of songs when adding music to videos so as not to infringe on copyrights.
  2. Upload your videos to the www.flyslope.com website. Video may be used on the website as promotional material but only with the pilot’s permission.

The Program will guide a Slope Pilot to some of the most enjoyable activities in slope soaring.


Have fun and good luck!

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