Formula One Racer

The F1 Racer is a sport plane/pylon racer designed to fly great. Every dimension and characteristic of the design has flight performance in mind, this means ease of control and stability too. 

The year 2015 brings design and construction improvements, which have lead to even better flight performance! The 63” F1 fuselage is now one inch longer up front and made with a dual-density foam construction, the tail foam behind the T.E. is a lighter EPP, so the airframe needs less weight to balance. An even lower wing loading is now possible. The fuse foam is precision CNC cut with a keyed joint between the two foam densities, this is a design feature GEMS pioneered and only we have.

The EPP F1 Racer Kits utilize the latest and best materials to create the most durable and best engineered planes available. Among these materials are GEMS Spar, GEMS Joiner and GEMS Stringer which will not break, crack, splinter or shatter like other systems out there. There is no weight penalty either and we are the only ones who have it in our planes.

The EPP F1 Racer kits are fast building; the spar systems are installed in the wings at the factory, also the trailing edge are glued on wings, and the EPP foam is sanded and ready for covering. The fuse has the GEMS Stringers installed, the gear locations are laid out, and the all the required (top grade) hardware is included.



See F1 Racer Kit photos below:


An optional and ingenious item: first here the “GEMS Slope Spinner”, it does not spin though, but it does integrate a balancing system at the best place for it, while providing the most durable front end on the market. So, what you get are Dave Brown Spinners and Adapters to our specs, plus the balancing/mounting hardware to attach the Slope Spinner which are GEMS products.The standard kits have an EPP foam spinner included.

  • Wingspan: 63”  F1 Racer
  • Airfoil: GEMS-14 (a little thinner and most resembles a RG-14)  
  • AUW: 58-78oz. (more or less with your covering and finishing preferences)
  • Cords: Root 12”,  Tip 6”      
  • Length: 41” Fuselage now made with dual-density foam construction (new 2015)
  • Radio: (3) channels w/mixing and expo is best, (3) straight can work great too.
  • Servos: Favorite set-up (3) Hitec HS-82MG with (3) Hitec 55701 Single Arms
  • Removable Wing Kit/hardware for the 63″ F1 is included, no extra cost.  

The F1 Racer kits is offered in two sizes:

(49″) EPP F1 Racer, please specify if you want the optional Slope Spinner with mounting and balancing hardware. $164.00 Kit + $35.95 for the optional 2″ S-spinner/hardware

(63″) EPP F1 Racer, please specify if you want the optional Slope Spinner with mounting and balancing hardware. $206.00 Kit + $37.95 for the optional 2 1/4″ S-spinner/hardware

Ordering Products: will be handled with just your email, contact us with a request and we will quote you availability and cost with a PayPal Invoice, you review it, then pay for the items through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, credit cards will work too. We will never have your credit card information.

Shipping Kits: Costs will be quoted for your Postal Code.  

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