Welcome to Slope Slayer!

The home of the KnifeEdge Wing, the Formula One Slope Racer and other slope soaring designs manufactured by GEMS…

For all inquiries please e-mail us at gems.hdqrs@gmail.com


The North Coast Soaring Association proudly presents the 9th annual

North Coast Glider Games 2021 edition.

April 29, 30, May 1, and 2, 2021

With the CoVid 19 still happening (Hope you’ve gotten your Vax) and restrictions easing, our social distancing and long distance friends will be joining us for wonderful time this year. I’m going to go out on a limb, (yes the one that my plane was stuck in) and say we will finally be able to congregate on the slopes of Northeast Ohio!



Travel day – come one, come all (we visit the slope sites and test the winds depending on the weather and join for food and beverages after sundown)

Glider Games 1

(See event locations below.)

Slope Locations


The event begins…

11:30a We travel to the slopes

Glider Games 3Proper social distancing will still be observed.

Glider Games 2IMG_8091

IMG_0728 Glider Games 6

The indoor fly is going to be at our new location. I guarantee it will be worth the trip!

7:00p Pizza Party & Indoor Fun Fly at One Smart Dog Facility.

271 W Greenwich Rd, Seville, OH 44273

 What a great facility!IMG_8043


The event continues.

Open, Glider Games, Fun Fly – 11:00a

If winds are light we will head to our Lodi Field for power and winch. Hmm, power and winch, that sounds like a great name for a micro-brew!

Glider Games 5 Glider Games 7 IMG_0762 IMG_0760

7:30p Stay tuned for our Saturday Evening get together. We will have to see what fine dining will be open and available to us.


The Games continued!

Best regards,
Don King

additional info


It is you folks that make the Glider Games Great!

Don, Mike, Jeff and the rest of the crew.



A new convertible electric mini wing that we pylon race indoors, then change the winglets and fly them outdoors/slope in light lift… Kit is now available!



“Lords of the lift”

We added a page called “Lords of the Lift” with pictures of pilots and their planes. Make the pose, preferably at your slope so we can see it, your radio and your plane. Give a little info to go with the picture if you like. Your first name and the location at least, how long you have been flying RC….your club…, send the pictures with the Contact Button at the top of the page.

Yeliz from Tennessee with here favorite wing.


The 63″ Formula One Racer at Soar Utah 2012

Thomas Rauber Photo

Joe Chovan’s #45 F1 Racer on Point of the Mountain

Thomas Rauber Photo

Joe’s F1 flying with a P51 Reno Racer


Some SlopeSlayer.com T-Shirt Art



9 thoughts on “Welcome to Slope Slayer!

  1. want to attend N.Coast Glider Games 2017 as an observer to learn abt sloap soaring. can not find a location. is this a secret known only to a certain few? HELP

    • All the locations are on the welcome page as well as in the North Coast Glider Games page. Just click the “Slope Locations” link. Hope to see you there!

  2. Just met several of the fine people from Slope Slayer/ GEMS (Don, Mike, Mike again and Jeff). If I forgot someone or messed up with the names please forgive.
    Thanks for all the help and support. Hope to “sail” with y’all again.

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