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“2016 North Coast Glider Games are in the books”

The NCSA (North Coast Soaring Association) and Slope Slayer hosted the 2016 “North Coast Glider Games”.

The slopes and airfields we used were determined by the winds and of course the weather dictated the games we played. Slope Pylon Races, Slope Combat, and Hand Launch were the order of the day.

More details are on the NCGG page and come back often as we are going to update the pages with photos and videos. Thanks for making the 2016 Glider Games a huge success.

North Coast Glider Games


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Some photos from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 North Coast Glider Games have been added under the tab “NCGG”. View the highlights in the video below, and check out the page for more coverage from the event.

IMG_2982 IMG_2979 IMG_2980

A few photos from 2015






2013 NCGG in Review    The inaugural North Coast Glider Games event is in the books. We were blessed with great winds on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The varying wind directions and temperatures kept things interesting and allowed us to fly at three of our favorite soaring sites. The weather system that moved through gave us the feel of four different seasons in four days, but the wind never let us down.

         Thursday the flying began with an amazing and toasty 83 degrees with 25-30mph winds. The early arrivers got the gift of summer like flying at our City View slope, which is located on a ridge over looking the Cuyahoga River Valley. This flying site is considered our clubs main slope because it accommodates the prevailing wind and is right in town, or as they say it’s a metro-slope. Being located behind a strip of retail stores at a shopping center it lets us access the slope through a paved parking lot, you can actually sit on the fender of your car and fly. For the largest LZ you need to walk south of the grocery store along the slope (about 200’- 600’). You may be tempted to drive down the gravel road, but we were instructed to keep the cars on the paved areas. The LZ at the south end is very big, an abandoned a big box store construction site, partially developed and graded, mostly clear, but rough. Walk the landing area so you know what you will be landing your plane into. This is one of the best slopes in the country, about 330’ up from the valley, it’s our club’s best high wind hill too, the lift doesn’t compress until the upper 40mph winds. There is also the potential for several flight lines because the slope area we can use is about a half a mile wide. If the wind shifts WSW we can move to the north end of the slope. If it turns west we can move further north on the slope to the other side of highway, which is called Bridge View. This gives us about a mile of slope to use at this location. We have flown a south wind at the south end, it’s not great lift, but if it’s sunny and you mix in the strong thermals coming out of the valley, you have some real good flying. The convenience attributes are unbeatable, a highway to the location, you drive in at the top, a grocery store, a couple coffee shops at the north end of the slope, after the flying we have several restaurants to choose from and two of them with beer on the menu.    


Don King's F1 going around  the pylon....D. Garwood photo

Don King’s F1 going around the pylon….D. Garwood photo

  Friday City View was rocking with 28-38G45, in the morning we all collected for breakfast while waiting for a rain cell to finish moving through. Since the restaurant is on the slope we could watch the sky clear across the valley. We laughed, discussed glider designs and planned the flying for the day. The rain stopped around noon, so we went out to the hill to set up the pylons and throw out the planes. Designated races were never held, but many never had the opportunity to fly a course with the poles. They enjoyed the practice and the challenge. We then dropped the turn pylons and had open flying all day. It seemed like a fall day having the temperature dropping all day. It’s nice to have cars near by to warm up. We never thought the wind would push us to the indoor flying site, we thought the rain could do that, but the wind managed to push a chill into most. So, the pizza party and indoor flying started an hour earlier, so did the eating, which was welcomed by all… along with the warmth. While waiting for the food to be delivered our pilots flew pylon races with their Wingolas from GEMS, some helicopters and a real treat was, Joe Choven flying some nice 3D….very entertaining. 

Dave Garwood flying his 60" Mig3 from Magnum Models at the Perry Slope.....Photo by Ken Stroud

Dave Garwood flying his 60″ Mig3 from Magnum Models at the Perry Slope…..Photo by Ken Stroud

 Saturday came with a 21mph WNW wind, so the flying was to be at North Perry Park. Some went steelhead fishing on what seemed like a winter morning, it was snowing a little. Then after brunch the sun came out and just a little warmer than Friday, but not by much. The Perry Slope is flying with a country club feel, nice cut grass, drive up parking, and a pavilion. It’s a very easy and relaxed place to fly. Not our tallest hill, but one of our most beautiful places to fly. Perry is a great place to maiden new planes and we had three to enjoy, Dave’s 60” Mig from Magnum Models, Terry’s 72” P-51 from Leading Edge Gliders and Jeff’s very detailed SlopeSlayer Dragon …. very beautiful flying machines! We had open flying mostly, with a nice combat fur ball and finished the day formation flying our warbirds with Joe’s GEMS F1 Racer mixing in. For dinner we met at a local Pub, had some delicious food and some live music to enjoy with it.  


Kaan flying his 60" Spider at the Edgewater Slope...Photo by Yeliz Gunes

Kaan flying his 60″ Spider at the Edgewater Slope…Photo by Yeliz Gunes

 Sunday morning started with a little more Steelhead trout fishing, the river was perfect with some picturesque morning sunshine. Then, we met for brunch and some good story telling. The group proceeded to the Edgewater Park slope to fly some sunny and smooth 16mph NE winds. This slope is on the Lake Erie coast, located in Cleveland, the slope is at the west end of Edgewater Park, an inner city slope. Nice smooth and consistent lift from winds approaching the slope from over the water, LZs are tight and boxed in with trees. So, we fly fast planes with flaps/crow and our EPP birds. Close parking at the top of the slope, with public restrooms and restaurants near by. We had some nice sunshine for pictures, still a bit chilly but, no one complained. Around 2:30p we thanked the Slope Angels for the wind we had the last four days, said our goodbyes…. our traveling friends hit the roads home and some getting dropped at the airport.


Joe Choven with the first flight of the day at the Perry Slope, flying his 63" GEMS Formula One Racer....photo by Dave Garwood

Joe Choven with the first flight of the day at the Perry Slope, flying his 63″ GEMS Formula One Racer….photo by Dave Garwood

Joe's GEMS F1 at the Perry Slope...photo by Dave Garwood

Joe’s GEMS F1 at the Perry Slope…photo by Dave Garwood


We had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the Glider Games of 2015!



A new convertible electric mini wing that we pylon race indoors, then change the winglets and fly them outdoors/slope in light lift… Kit is now available!



“Lords of the lift”

We added a page called “Lords of the Lift” with pictures of pilots and their planes. Make the pose, preferably at your slope so we can see it, your radio and your plane. Give a little info to go with the picture if you like. Your first name and the location at least, how long you have been flying RC….your club…, send the pictures with the Contact Button at the top of the page.

Yeliz from Tennessee with here favorite wing.


The 63″ Formula One Racer at Soar Utah 2012

Thomas Rauber Photo

Joe Chovan’s #45 F1 Racer on Point of the Mountain

Thomas Rauber Photo

Joe’s F1 flying with a P51 Reno Racer


Some SlopeSlayer.com T-Shirt Art


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